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Frequently asked Questions
What are the permit fees?
Permit fees at this time are based on the estimated cost construction, which are as follows: $50.00 for the first two thousand ($2,000.00) dollars of estimated cost and $5.00 per thousand thereafter. Permits for project cost up to $2.000.00 dollars is a flat fee of $50.00. Other building permit fees are $75.00 for the installation of a well and $75.00 for the installation/replacement of a septic system.

Is a permit required for Demolition?
Yes, fees are the same as for a building permit.

Do I need a permit to install a well or septic system (includes leach field)?
Yes, new well and/or replacement well and the same for a septic system either new system or replacement.

Can I apply for a permit online?
Not at this time, but you can download the application, fill it out and either mail it in with a check made out to the “Town of Lee” or call the office to make an appointment to submit permit application and to make sure it is complete.

Do I need a permit to replace my roofing material or siding material?
Not at this time, but be aware that there are code requirements pertaining to the installation of these products and the material must be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, so check with your contractor or sales outlet for installation information. If while replacing the roofing or siding material and sheathing or structural work needs to be done, then a permit will be required for the added work.

What other types of projects are exempt from a permit?
General minor repair work that involves no structural changes or improvements, landscaping (may be exemptions for landscaping as outlined below), fencing, painting and wall paper projects are exempt.

I live or own property within 250 feet of a river, stream, pond, wetland and/or wet soils, are there any permits beyond a building permit that must be obtained from the town or state?
Complicated answer, there are various town ordinances/regulations (zoning ordinance for shore land, wet Soils, floodplain, aquifer) and state laws when working in or near these areas. If you are thinking of working near or in any of these areas it is best to contact our office to discuss the matter.  There are various setback requirements for these areas and additions to existing structures of any type may require further permits and/or actions by other boards and/or agencies, so please contact us so you can obtain as much information and obtain the necessary approvals prior to starting the project.

Do I need a permit for a shed of any size either prebuilt or constructed on site?
Yes, these structures need to meet the setbacks of various ordinances/regulations and they also must meet the code as accessory structures.

Does the town have a plot plan of my property?
Yes and No, we have tax maps that show all the parcels in Lee, but these maps are for reference only and are not surveyed or official maps and are not intended for legal representation. We may also have a septic design approved by the state on file depending on the year it was approved that may help locate various items on a parcel, but these are not legal surveys of boundary lines, structure placement and so on, these are for septic system locations. We may have a surveyed plan depending on when and who may have surveyed the parcel and or a subdivision approval by the Planning Board we may have information regarding the parcel, best to contact us and find out what we may have for you.


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