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Frequently Asked Questions

We haven’t used our fireplace/woodstove in years. Do you think it is safe?
If you are concerned about the condition of your fireplace, chimney, or woodstove, please call us at 659-5411 and we will inspect it for you. Annual inspection and cleaning by a certified chimney sweep is a critical step in reducing the potential for chimney fires.

When is the Fire Station open for tours?
Individual and group tours of the fire station can be scheduled by calling 659-5411 at least one week prior to your desired tour date. Tours typically are conducted on weekday mornings, however, a time can be arranged to accommodate your request. A typical tour includes a walk through of the station, a tour of the fire trucks and a visit from a firefighter dressed in full gear. Tours can also include fire safety videos and handouts.

How many smoke detectors do I need for my house?
You need at least one smoke detector on each floor, including the basement. For maximum protection, we recommend one in each bedroom, too. If you are renting property, you are required to have at least one hard-wired smoke detector on each floor.

I live in an apartment and one of my smoke detectors looks broken. What should I do?
First, contact your landlord or property manager and request that it be looked at immediately. If there is a delay in the repairs or if you need further assistance, please call 659-5411 and we will assist you.

How often should I test my smoke detector?
You should test your smoke detector monthly. Most detectors have a button you can push to test them. Change the batteries in your smoke detector at least once a year. A handy way to remember to change your batteries is to do it when you change your clocks for daylight savings time. Smoke detectors should be replaced at least every ten years. Never disable your smoke detector by removing the batteries. Remember, a smoke detector that isn’t working can’t save you.

Where can I take my fire extinguisher to be tested or recharged?
Seacoast Fire Equipment in Newington (1-800-683-5771) and Tri-State Fire Protection in Rochester (1-800-244-7531) will test and recharge your fire extinguisher for a fee. Be sure to check for extinguisher to see if it is rechargeable. Most non-rechargeable extinguishers will be labeled as such. The Lee Fire & Rescue Department does not recharge or test fire extinguishers.

Where can I learn CPR?

How do I get a copy of a fire incident report?
Go to the Request for Reports Page or call the Fire Department at 659-5411. We will need the date of the incident and the address.

Do you get cats out of trees/telephone poles/off of roofs?
No. The best way to coax a cat back down is to open a can of tuna, place it near the tree or pole and wait for the cat to come down on its own.

We had a medical emergency and needed an ambulance. Why did a fire truck come too?
A fire truck is sent out with every medical call to ensure that qualified medical personnel arrive quickly. As the ambulance service is a volunteer agency, sometimes there may be a delay in staffing an ambulance to respond. We also send a fire truck on medical calls because of the extra manpower needed for some lifesaving procedures. The extra medical personnel need to have the firefighting apparatus with them in case another emergency occurs before they return to the station.

How do I contact McGregor Memorial Ambulance Corps?
The McGregor Memorial Ambulance Corps can be reached at (603) 862-3674. They can answer questions regarding ambulance billing, volunteer opportunities, and medical treatment reports.

Why does more than one fire apparatus respond to a simple incident?
Fire Department apparatus is dispatched according to information received by the 9-1-1 operator or the person reporting the emergency. The Fire Department responds prepared to deal with the worst that could happen based upon that information. In emergency services we have learned that if we assume something is "simple," we can be horribly mistaken. We respond as fast as we safely can, with personnel trained to provide the best service possible and apparatus sufficient to deal with the "worst" possible outcome. The winner in these situations will always be the citizen who needs help.

Why do firefighters cut holes in the roof of a building on fire?
This is called "venting the roof." There are two basic reasons for this practice. Dangerous gasses and dark smoke accumulate in a burning building. It is impossible for firefighters to see in this environment. When a hole is made in the roof, the smoke and gases escape. Venting the roof makes it easier for firefighters to see and find the source of the fire, and it also reduces the possibilities of backdraft and flashover. Another reason for venting the roof is to see how far the fire has progressed. One of the fastest avenues through which fire is spread is the attic. Heat and smoke rise to the attic where the fire can move quickly. Firefighters may go ahead of the fire and cut holes in the roof to release the heat and stop the fire from spreading through the attic.

How can I become a firefighter?
To find out about becoming a call firefighter with the Department, please go to our Join Page

My son/daughter is interested in becoming a Fire Explorer. Where can I find out more information?
To become a Fire Explorer, candidates must be between 14 and 20 years of age, have parental consent (if younger than 18 years of age), complete the required introductory training, and abide by Lee Fire & Rescue Department rules of conduct. Please stop by the station Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm or give us a call at 659-5411 for more information.


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