Town of Lee, NH
7 Mast Road, Lee, NH 03861
ph: 603-659-5414
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, Welfare Director
Lee Town Hall , 7 Mast Road 
Lee ,NH 03861 
Hours are by appointment
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Welfare Assistance
The Town of Lee provides emergency assistance to individuals and families who lack adequate resources. The Welfare Director acts to facilitate services by directing those in need of assistance to relief agencies at the county, state and federal levels, as well as to non-profit organizations who provide assistance to the needy. We strive to promote self–reliance and independence to all we serve so they may be productive members of this community.
The Town of Lee's Welfare Office is located in the Selectmen's Office in Town Hall. The Welfare Director is designated by action of the Select Board and is responsible for carrying out the General Assistance Program for the Town.