Emergency Management

The Town of Lee developed an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). The purpose of  this plan is to facilitate the delivery of local government, community, and mutual aid resources, and to provide needed assistance and relief to disaster victims and the community at large. As no community has the resources to manage a major emergency without outside assistance, this plan represents the town's best intentions to deal with disaster within the framework of community-wide cooperation, and statewide coordination.

To further plan for the Town, an Emergency Planning Team (EPT) was formed consisting of members from the Selectmen's Office, Police Department, Fire Department, Highway Department, Planning and Zoning Office, Mast Way Elementary School, and Town volunteers. The EPT completed a Hazardous Mitigation Plan to assist the Town Departments in a time of emergency.

The Town of Lee encourages all citizens to be prepared for the weather that comes with living in New England and other possible emergency situations. To that end we are providing information to help you better prepare yourself and your family for the unexpected.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Scott Nemet Emergency Management Director
Caren Rossi Assistant Emergency Management Director (603) 659-6783