Sustainability Committee

Vision Statement:

We envision a sustainable Lee where people live in a comfortable balance with natural systems and with each other in the present and long into the future. A sustainable Lee has a vibrant ecological, social and economic health; its citizens enjoy a high quality of life with sufficient economic, food, energy and human resources to live well.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Lee Sustainability Committee is to foster an ethic or culture of sustainability and resilience among the citizens of Lee, through education, outreach, advocacy, and action. The focus of sustainability and resilience in Lee will be guided by the following principles:

  • We are stewards of the land, the water, and the air and have an obligation to pass on this trust to future generations in better shape than received.
  • We are an integral component of the natural world and must accommodate the lifeessential needs of other creatures and life forms that share our environment.
  • We must respect the level of interdependency and the mutual needs, present and future, of neighboring communities and the region.
  • We must use all resources in a renewable fashion such that there is no permanent degradation or exhaustion.
  • We believe that the pursuit of a “sustainable ethic” will lead to improvement in the quality of living for its citizens.
  • We believe that sustainability fosters a degree of resiliency necessary to navigate the accelerating changes confronted by the community in the future.
  • We are committed to becoming a coordinating point/ forum for the community for questions, concerns and discussions related to sustainability and resilience.

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Committee Members

Name Title
Paul Gasowski Chair (2022)
Charles Cox Member (2022)
Jennifer Messeder Member (2021)
Timothy Anderson Member (2022)