Boards, Commissions and Committees

As a Lee volunteer, you will have the opportunity to contribute your unique talents and energy toward providing a richer quality of life for your community. Boards, Committees and Commissions are comprised of individuals that are either elected or appointed. In order to serve you must be a resident of Lee and a U.S. Citizen.  We recommend that you read the minutes, scroll through the information available on their webpage and attend meetings in order to learn more about the important roles that each Board, Committee or Commission serves.

The following positions are elected officials. Elections are held on the second Tuesday in March every year. In order to be placed on the ballot you must file for candidacy with the Town Clerk during the filing period. Open positions vary from year to year, as each body has staggered terms. 

  • Select Board - Three members, each serves a 3-year term
  • Town Clerk/Tax Collector - 3 year term
  • Treasurer - 3-year term
  • Moderator - 2-year term
  • Advisory Budget Committee - Six members, each serves a 3-year term
  • Cemetery Trustees - Three members, each serves a 3-year term
  • Library Trustees - Five members, each serves a 3-year term
  • Supervisors of the Checklist - Three members, each serves a 6-year term
  • Trustees of the Trust Funds - Three members, each serves a 3-year term

The following are comprised of individuals that are appointed by the Select Board. Each member serves a 3-year term and the terms are staggered.  Appointments are typically made in March of each year. Contact the Town Secretary to see if there are any open positions. Click here for application

  • Planning Board
  • Zoning Board
  • Agricultural Commission
  • Conservation Commission
  • Heritage Commission
  • Recreation Commission
  • Energy Committee
  • Sustainability Committee
  • Advisory Solid Waste Committee